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Wedding Tip # 2: Find out if a first look is right for you and your partner.

Your wedding day is a special occasion where you want to capture every moment, especially with your family. Here are some tips for creating fast and fun family photos during your wedding day:

  1. Assign a family photo wrangler: This person will help gather all the family members for photos and ensure everyone is present and ready to go.

  2. Keep it simple: Create a shot list ahead of time with the combinations of family members you want in each photo. Keep the list simple and organized to avoid confusion and save time.

  3. Choose a location: Select a location for the family photos that is close to the ceremony or reception site to minimize travel time. Also, consider the lighting and background of the location.

  4. Make it fun: Encourage everyone to have fun during the photo session. Tell jokes or use props to loosen up the atmosphere and capture genuine smiles.

  5. Be efficient: Try to keep the family photo session short and sweet. The longer it takes, the more restless and uncooperative people may become.

  6. Remember to just take a breath and smile.

By following these tips, you can create fast and fun family photos that capture the love and joy of your special day.

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- Janessa, Golden Palm Photography


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